Not just lunches, dinners, Christmas trees and nativities. Every country has its own tradition for Christmas. Let’s discover some typical customs from overseas and not only.

In Venezuela it is a tradition to go to church all together skating. For this event, the main roads are closed to traffic.

In Spain there is El Gordo, a special lottery among the oldest in the world, which takes place during Christmas.

In Ukraine Christmas trees are decorated with spider’s webs as good luck. Furthermore, in Ukraine, as well as in Poland gifts are unwrapped when the first star appears in the sky and is seen by the youngest child in the family.

In Mexico people celebrate Christmas by carving radishes and the most beautiful work wins a price.

In Japan fried chicken is eaten on December 25th but not any fried chicken it has to be from the famous chain, KFC.

Finally, a German tradition is to have one of the Christmas tree decorations shaped as a cucumber and hidden among the other decorations on the tree. Whoever finds the bizarre decoration is entitled for an extra gift.

And you, do you have any special tradition to share?

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