A Pit Stop for the wild Birds

A Pit Stop for the wild Birds

We have already talked about why we should evaluate an ecological gift idea: from being respectful with the environment to its impact on our future, but what are some eco-sustainable gift ideas? A particular and interesting product in our shop is certainly the food dumpling for wild birds. It happened also to you to shake the tablecloth out to clean it from crumbs, thinking that with this simple gesture we give many birds the opportunity to find something to eat.

So, why don’t you evaluate something even more targeted?

With the food dumpling you can feed wild birds all year round, contributing to the protection of our fauna without interfering in an evasive or harmful way. Available in two different flavors, the 100 food dumpling can become a precious stopover for our feathered friends. In each package there is a swing and a string to hang it.

And if that's not enough... we also have a buffet! 200 grams of bird treats in a natural carton. Ideal for hanging it out on a patio or balcony to feed blackbirds, sparrows, robins and any little wild birds in the area!

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